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We are your local heating and cooling installation experts.

Whether you are building a new home, updating, or replacing an outdated unit, we can help you make the best choice for your specific needs. Our team stays up to date on all the most current and best heating and cooling solutions so we can provide you with expert advice and top quality installations.


Split Systems

Mini-split systems are a ductless form of heating and cooling. They are quick and easy to install, usually only requiring a three-inch hole in the wall. Rather than focusing on the entire house, it works to cool or heat individual rooms or spaces within the home. This allows for more targeted heating or cooling, saving on energy costs and increasing efficiency.


Ground Source
Heat Pumps

A great alternative to the conventional heat pump system, a ground source heat pump provides more efficient temperature control.  Using ground temperature to regulate air temperatures, this method of HVAC is gaining popularity among residential and commercial use. Call Fox to speak to a specialist about why this may be the best option for you. Be sure to ask about tax incentives when choosing to install a ground source 

heat pump.


Sheet Metal

Fox Heating and Cooling is proud to be one of the few HVAC to provide custom, hand-made sheet metal to meet your individual needs.  This allows for a sleeker, more professional installation. From the first measurement to final install, we can guarantee a superior air flow knowing our team has personally created duct work to fit your needs.

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